The Tapestry Floor Plan

The Tapestry Floor Plan

In The Tapestry, there is a wide variety of Bedroom types from 1 Bedroom (448sqft) to 5 bedrooms Dual Key + Study (1797sqft) to select from.

Beside having typical units, The Tapestry include the popular layout of Dual Key Concept in 4 bedrooms and 5 bedrooms. The Tapestry Floorplan will be available soon.

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Dual key units concept was first introduced to the private market in 2009 and has taken off since then and have become a common feature in many new launches.
These units are divided into two sub-types, typically sharing a foyer and possibly some facilities such as a kitchen. Originally, they were designed to cater to multi-generation families: parents could provide a more private living space for their children or a family could have grandparents move in with them, for example. The demand was strong and these units could command a premium over similar-sized non-dual-key units in the same condominium complex. In 2013, the government introduced an additional 7% stamp duty charge on local buyers who are purchasing their second property, the Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD). Although a dual-key condo effectively gives you two properties, on paper it still counts as a single unit so it doesn’t incur ABSD. These dual-key units are perceived by some buyers as a good investment for rental yield, as owners may choose to earn rental income by letting out one of the rooms to help pay for the mortgage. These apartments may appeal more to singles and couples looking to rent, as these offer more personal space than a standard unit that’s shared with other tenants. Such comforts include having separate keys, their personal bathroom and a pantry area or kitchenette; it’s almost akin to living in a studio apartment.

The Tapestry Unit Mix will definitely have a unique layout that suits you and your family requirement!